Returning To School

This information sheet has been created to share resources and links to support the emotional wellbeing of children, young people, parents and carers. We know there is a lot of information out there so we have tried to gather together some recent and useful resources to support you with worries regarding the next steps of re-integration. We appreciate many of you will have already been dealing with these worries throughout the lockdown situation. If you have anything to contribute that may support other professionals, parents and carers then please email them to

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Video workshops for children young people and their Parents/Carers

Due to current restrictions in place for social contact we will be offering some of our workshops via video link. Please click the link below to book onto sessions available for children and young people and their parents/carers. We will be using Zoom to deliver these sessions and you will need to sign up with an email address we can contact you on and have access to a computer/laptop and a quiet space at the time of the session for 1 hour.

Children and Young People


Some of you may have been off school for a long time now, some will have been in school with smaller class sizes and less teachers. Whatever your situation, beginning to return to school as it was before Coronavirus may feel scary and a little daunting. Your usual routine will have been disrupted, and you may not have seen your friends for a long time. We expect you might be feeling wobbly, and that is okay. We wanted to provide some resources with guidance and advice to help you navigate adjusting to the “new normal” at school.

How might you be feeling?

  • Nervous
  • Confused about changes
  • Worried to be away from family
  • Anticipating difficulties in friendships
  • Angry

What is there to help you if you're a primary aged child?

What is there to help you if you’re a secondary aged child?


As a parent or a carer, your life is likely to have changed dramatically over the last few months. You may have experienced a mixture of challenge, family cohesion, or perhaps family division. Your child may have adapted well to home schooling/reduced timetable, and you have seen positive changes. On the flip side, some children will have struggled with the lack of freedom and distress from being kept indoors with reduced stimulation.

In addition, your own wellbeing may have been effected. Having to fit in the caregiving of your own family plus pressures from work is not an easy task. Returning to “normal” may be giving you a sense of relief or an extra added fear. We have gathered some resources below to try and assist you.

The most important thing to remember is that children manage their emotions differently to adults, especially if they don’t quite understand them. The key is talking, listening, understanding, and keeping communication as open as possible. Keep calm and patient, and normalise some of the feelings that may be erupting in yourself and your child. It is okay for you to not be okay.

How might parents be feeling?

  • Fearing separation
  • Worried about their child's mental health
  • Struggling to adapt to contstant changes
  • Unsure about impact of restrictions in school settings

What is there to help?

What is there to help children with additional needs?

If you would like further support or advice please contact Thriving Kirklees on 0300 304 5555 or make a support request online at

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